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POSPAC Mission Statement

To deliver Leadership Excellence in Quality-Assured Technologies, exceeding Client expectations in Price/Performance & Support, with our Customers Satisfaction & Profitability as our primary objective in all endeavours"

Unfettered by historical architectures, POSPac has a passion for the very best of breed technologies and partners in the Hospitality & Retail Business Management Systems Industries. We have no NIH (not-invented-here) hang-ups when it comes to delivering complete and cost-effective PoS (Point-of-Sale) & PMs (Property Management systems), utilising an open architectural approach. Our goal & vision is to completely exceed Client expectations and standards for implementing the most complete, compelling and lowest cost, maximum-redundancy 'non-stop' sales and back-of-house' management solutions you have ever imagined. So please take a moment to contact us to discuss your your needs and meet our experienced, local team at POSPac - delivering the    

Low-Cost Upgradeable Hybrid Point of Sale Terminals-unaffected by Power Computer, Network failure or liquid spills means your PoS is always working perfectly. Instantly access & control cash, stock, profitability, customer spending patterns etc.  Extensive Marketing & Promotional tools to promote Customer Loyalty Electronic, paperless Stock Transfers & Stocktakes, Generate & track Purchase Orders OnLine, convert Supplier Invoices effortlessly.  Staff Time and Attendance is captured AT THE TERMINAL - easy Payroll & Rostering modules available. Digital Surveillance onto computer, clearer, faster image-cheaper than video POSPac

                                 Among our solution offerings are:

1. Hybrid point of sale terminals & touchscreens

2. Cash registers & kitchen printing

3. Stock control & membership loyalty

4. Accounting systems

5. Payroll & rostering

6. Front office reservations & housekeeping with agent tracking & PABX call accounting

7. Digital video surveillance (PC based) with remote verification & 'CASH CAM' with remote access

8.  Internet cafe solutions Ė WiFi and Remote Internet Serving [RIS], client billing & security management systems

9. Computer & peripherals

10.Software development services

11.Digital document storage & retrieval systems

12. Microwavw LANís & WANís (up to 65Klmís over water)


POSPAC the complete solution for Hospitality & Retail.




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POS PACIFIC    ABN: 86 258 808 349    Head Office address: iNFOTEC HOUSE 85 Marabou Drive, Annandale, QLD, 4814 AUSTRALIA
Phone: 0500-8000-59 or (07) 4779-4256    Fax: 0500-8000-57 or (07) 4728-6256    Mobile: 04117-54547 or 0411-515169
Sales inquiries: possales@pospac.com    Support: poshelp@pospac.com
NON-STOP Point of Sale & Property Management / Reservations Booking Solutions - endless POSabiliities